Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swarovski Gems - Lifestyle Electronics Competition


Magic Touch
If i am holding a color brush filled with the morning flower drops, this would be my touch. A simple magic that creates one new dream for beauty and fresh colorful feeling. The clients who would love to enjoy my design are very fine aesthetic people, who truly appreciate the delicate simplicity of precious technology. Someone who would like to hold the morning dew in his hands.

Water Princes
The inspiration is a symbiosis between "water drop and the sound Princes"...the intensity of sound shapes the water when she looks her image like a mirror. Within а new representation we see the reflection of sound trough the gem stone drops, that appears as the color reflection of her beauty. In particular the designs will meet the needs of private clients with diverse and eccentric interests, and who truly appreciate beauty.Those are an adventurers and free minded "personas". Clients wiling to experiment within new directions where unusual combination becomes a lifestyle. What is more beautiful than enjoying a precious jewel that plays music and you can talk with your loved once with?

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